Collection: Nikben

The ambition to be different and to challenge the conventional has always been part of Nikben’s ethos. In 2014 Nik and Ben founded the brand as a small unpolished swimwear operation, with the aim to make a statement in the rag trade with its quirky ideas and eye-catching patterns.

The idea of lounging around sun-drenched resorts, losing track of time, and sipping endless margaritas at the bar became a significant source of inspiration for the collections, offering a glimpse into the art of living life to its fullest.
Over the years, Nikben has made an organic transition into the street-induced resort-wear brand that you have in front of you. Naturally, new influences keep finding their way into the collections. The vibrant culture down at Venice Beach, the authenticity of the taquerias around East Los Angeles, and the deceiving charm of the deserts surrounding the resort hotbed Palm Springs are just a few examples of Californian urban culture that has had an essential impact on the brand's direction.
Since its origin, Nikben has become a well-known player in the resort-wear genre, with partners and retailers globally. Meeting cultural travel trends, Nikben's collections have flourished into a capsule wardrobe for the style-conscious globetrotter, whilst still maintaining their well-known primal love for sunny vacays and happy moments. The core ambitions of the brand remain true, and that is to have an obvious position in the industry by creating a timeless urban style, an identity, and a vibrant attitude that is unique to Nikben.